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Fox Questions

1) Write a short piece on your blog, explaining what “friendship” means to you. Who has been a good friend to you? Well all my frends have been good frends to me some more than others but they are all great friends.When have you been a good friend to someone else? What does it mean to be a “good friend” to someone? Yes I think I have been a good friend to all of my friends I think to be a good friend is to be kind generous a good listner and to always be there for your friends all the time and to never be two faced or be a bitch!! 2) Do you think it’s important to have good friends?yer I do because without you wolud be nothing and sometimes when you cant talk to anyone you have them to talk to and you really need that somtimes 3) Why is Fox described as a ‘flickering tongue of fire’? What does this tell us about the effect he will have on Dog and Magpie. fox is described as a red flickering fire bacause he is red for a start and red is like evil and hes going to be evil to them!!4) Think of five words that describe Dog, Fox and Magpie.Dog: kind, wild, a good friend, blind, helpfulFox: evil, red , clever, fast, slyMagpie: burnt, betrayed, understanding, friendly, caring5) Magpie feels that Fox’s smell fills up the cave. She isn’t really describing his smell, but how she makes him feel. What does this tell you about how she feels about Fox? It tells me that she cant trust him6) Why do you think Fox splits up Dog and Magpie? Would he have done this if he had more friends of his own? He split them up because he was jellous of their  friendship and yes I do think that if he had friends of his own he wouldn’t of done it7) Why would Fox’s scream be a scream of despair? Why would it be one of triumph? ?Do you think Magpie was really good friends with Dog? Why/why not?Yes I think he was because dog was very kind to magpie and it was really nice to magpie and I think they had a connection so why wouldn’t they be friends!



friendship is da bom it meens so much to me it is lyk sharing a lolly pop, tasty

friendship is tasty but the lolly pop has to taste nice if it is a sour lolly pop then it wont taste nice so u dont be frendz wit a sour lolly pop cuz that wouldnt tasts nice

(that similie was crap)

u loser you are sucking a sour lolly pop NOW

hitlers daughter charter description

Q:Describe one of the characters from the book you are reading.

the charter im doing is . There are two Tracey’s and the one I’m doing is younger than the other Tracey. So that is why they call her Little Tracey.

What do they look like? In the book it doesn’t really describe the characters in the book because every morning when they wait for the bus before school they tell a story and it is about Hitler’s daughter.

Where do they come from?  I don’t know, it doesn’t say where they come from.

What do they want from the story (eg. Do they want to find their father/sister/boyfriend/pot of gold)?Well Mark, one of the kids at the bus stop, listens to one of the others (i forgot her name). She tells the story about Hitler’s Daughter. They talk about how Hitler’s Daughter stays at home all day because she has a birth mark on her face, that is why she doesn’t go to school.

Do you think you are supposed to like the character? Yeah, we don’t really hear about her much but little Tracey is very cute.(by the sounds of things)

Do you like them? Yes i do like her.

Why/why not? because like i said before she sounds very cute.

how i thought did in english last year

last year  thought i did really well it was lots of fun nd i enjoyed evrything i did miss pryor was a really good teacher nd i learnt alot from her